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One of the highlights of 2017 is the new artwork up on the walls thanks to our new partnership with the The Geezer Gallery. A local nonprofit organization, the Geezer Gallery showcases artists, age 60 and above, in its gallery and other locations in the community. As a participant in the new Art Vault program, Catalyst Law hosts a rotating collection featuring works of art by Geezer Gallery artists, specially curated for our space. ArtVault, a visual arts consulting and project management service, supports the organization’s mission by increasing opportunities for senior artists and by generating a sustainable revenue to support the organization’s art therapy program.

The Art Vault program supports the core mission of the Geezer Gallery to provide evidence based-creative art stimulus programs for low-income seniors across the Portland Metro region. The Geezer Gallery partners with other organizations to advance its goals, including therapeutic art programs at Oregon Health and Science University and intergenerational art programs with youth and elders of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz.

In our first quarterly Art Vault rotation, the Catalyst office features artwork by seven various artists. To view the art on display in our office and learn about the artists, stop in and visit us! If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, please e-mail us at info@catalystlawllc.com. Additionally, if you are interested in participating in the ArtVault program, please reach out to contact@geezergallery.com.

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