A Dazzle of Zebras are Changing Business

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A “zebra company” is one whose business model strives for both purpose and profit. We’re thrilled when we have an opportunity to help zebra companies develop the legal structure they need to have a dual-impact mission. And we are proud to be a zebra company ourselves, dazzling* brightly with the other zebra companies we know. 

At Catalyst Law, we intentionally practice law differently. Shifting away from the status quo can be challenging; innovators often lay the tracks as the train moves down them. Why bother? Because we seek to find purpose in our work by partnering with our clients and strengthening the communities we are a part of.

Is your company a zebra? Check out the movement here.

To learn more about Catalyst Law’s new stripes, our nonprofit affiliate to advance social impact, please visit CatalystLawInstitute.org.

*A group of zebras is, delightfully, a “dazzle.”

“Companies that create a more just and responsible society will hear, help, and heal the customers and communities they serve.”

— Jennifer Brandel, Mara Zepeda, Astrid Scholz

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