Prior to wrapping up the firm’s weekly all-hands lunch meeting, we invite each other to share a gratitude with one or more members of the team. On any given day, one could feel grateful to loved ones, colleagues, mother nature, or simply life itself. Quite often, our team members extend gratitude to one another – for the extra help under pressure on a deadline, for support while going through a challenging personal matter, for the opportunity to learn a new skill, or for a small yet thoughtful gesture that made their day.

Throughout history and around the world, religious leaders and philosophers have extolled the virtue of gratitude. Some have even described gratitude as ‘social glue’ that fortifies relationships – between friends, family, and romantic partners – and serves as the backbone of human society.  

At Catalyst, we believe that expressing our gratitudes strengthens our relationships between team members, with our clients, and with others in our work lives. Not only does gratitude strengthen our professional relationships, but it also is said to generate a climate of positivity, boost happiness, strengthen personal resilience, affirm goodness, and build trust. Moreover, a gratitude practice connects us with the mission of the firm and something larger than ourselves. 

This week, in particular, we reflect on what we are grateful for, as we gather with our friends and families to celebrate Thanksgiving. Looking back on the past five years, we have so much gratitude to express.

To our wonderful clients for 

  • Referring others to Catalyst for legal services;
  • Trusting us with some of your most important life transitions;
  • Relying on our legal advice to protect your business or nonprofit;
  • Offering feedback when something either exceeds expectations or just isn’t quite right;
  • Introducing us to a growing network of socially conscious business owners and community leaders;
  • Supporting a women-owned and B-Corp certified law firm; and
  • Partnering with us to support your families, businesses, and our greater community.

To our amazing network of professionals – financial advisors, accountants, consultants, and other friends of the firm for 

  • Your partnership and trust as we’ve grown the firm;
  • Trusting us with your clients and professional network of advisors;
  • Inviting us to speak or participate at various events in Portland and around the country; and
  • Joining us in support of our non-profit affiliate law firm, The Commons Law Center

To our incredible community partners that embody the reason we work so hard on behalf of clients, their families, businesses & communities, including:

  • The Commons Law Center – revolutionizing access to basic legal services, education, and support for underserved Oregonians. In the process, we provide robust practical training for law students and new lawyers;
  • Business for a Better Portland – As a founding BBPDX member, we care deeply about the communities in which we live and work. Together we make a positive difference in the city we love by supporting equitable access to capital, safe and efficient transportation and affordable housing;
  • Social Venture Partners Portland – SVP leverages contributions of money, professional expertise and influence from the private sector to grow the most promising solutions and leadership potential in the social sector; 
  • B Local PDX – Works to foster and deepen connections among organizations in our region who share our purpose and passion for using business as a force for good; and
  • All of our wonderful mission-driven nonprofit clients

And to our families, to whom we owe so much for their belief and support of our vision, and for whom we strive every day to build a better law firm for each other, our loved ones, and the place we call home.

Today, our team gathered to focus on gratitude for the entirety of our lunch meeting, both recognizing each team member for their contributions and sending personal notes of appreciation to those in our circles. As the recipient of a gratitude roundtable, the exercise filled my cup as I hope it helped reinforce to our team that each one of us matters and we are in this together. We couldn’t ask for a better group of dedicated people to work with, and for that, we are grateful every day.

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