Estate Planning for Families: Overview

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Do you need an estate plan?

Absolutely (but we’re biased).

If you don’t believe us, you are in good company:

According to Forbes , 62% of adult Americans, ages 45 – 54, do not have wills. For women in this age group, the number is slightly higher – 67%. For the baby boom generation, the number is slightly lower – 57%. Even worse, in our opinion, 69% of parents with children under the age of 18 do not have a will.

However, in direct contradiction of the evidence, 75% of poll respondents believed everyone needs a will. A stunning 88% of parents with children under age 18 said a will is important to appoint guardians. And 90% of respondents said they want to make their death as easy on their families as possible.

Where do you fall – do you have an estate plan?*

  • Last Will and Testament (guardianship designation for minor children)
  • Revocable Trust (also referred to as a Living Trust)
  • Advance Health Care Directive
  • Power of Attorney Temporary Guardianship Agreement (for parents of minor children)

To help you avoid becoming one of these statistics, consider the following common, yet bad reasons many people delay getting their estate plans in order.

Common Reason #1: I do not have enough money to be concerned about estate planning.

Common Reason #2: I do not want to contemplate my own death.

Common Reason #3: I do not have enough time or enough money to hire a lawyer to do my estate planning.

* This material is for your general educational information and is not intended as legal advice. Readers are responsible for obtaining legal advice applicable to their specific situations from their own legal counsel.

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