Estate Administration and Probate

The death of someone close to you can be a chaotic and difficult time for those left behind. At Catalyst Law, we strive to make the process of managing your loved one’s final affairs as easy as possible.

“Personal Representative”
Sometimes also known as the “Executor” or “Executrix” of a person’s Will, the Personal Representative is appointed by the probate court to administer the estate of a deceased person.

Our experienced attorneys and paralegals guide the Personal Representative through all phases of the estate administration process (also referred to as “probate”), from notifying friends and family of the death to cleaning out the decedent’s home to assisting with the final distribution of assets to beneficiaries or to an ongoing trust.

Probate Assets

When appropriate, we prepare and file a probate petition with the court. After our client is appointed as the Personal Representative (Executor), we assist with the procedures, filings, and accountings required under state law, including payment of creditors and distribution to beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Designated Property and other Non-probate Assets

Many assets, such as retirement benefits and life insurance policies, pass outside of probate, but according to contractual beneficiary designations. Catalyst Law provides comprehensive guidance and support for clients to manage and distribute any non-probate assets.


Catalyst Law counsels clients serving as Personal Representative to help reduce, to the extent possible, potential estate tax and income tax liability associated with your loved one’s estate. Our experienced team guides you through this process to ensure timely and accurate tax reporting.

The firm assists with necessary tax filings.  If a federal or state estate tax return is due, we prepare (or work with the family’s advisors to prepare) the necessary returns, which are due nine months after the date of death. In addition, we assist the Personal Representative (Executor) with required fiduciary income tax returns.

Contact us today if you need assistance, either as the Personal Representative (“Executor”) or as a Beneficiary, to understand your duties, rights, and responsibilities.

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