Will and Trust Modification

Catalyst prides itself on approaching potential trust disputes in a way that protects its clients’ interests without unnecessarily elevating family tensions. If the terms of a will or trust become impracticable for whatever reason, or if the will or trust does not work as intended, we assist the fiduciary or another interested party with modifying the will or trust document.

A construction proceeding may be commenced by a fiduciary, a beneficiary, or an interested person to seek a determination as to the validity, meaning or effect of a provision of a will or a trust instrument. The guiding principle is the intent of the decedent or grantor, which may require a hearing. Catalyst has experience representing parties on both sides of these types of proceedings.

Catalyst recognizes the benefit of handling a construction proceeding discreetly and amicably, and we use our best efforts to achieve our clients’ goals outside of litigation.  We are, however, fully prepared to take to trial any issues that cannot be resolved through settlement.

Should you wish to interpret and modify a will or trust efficiently and amicably, Catalyst offers mediation and arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution tool for potential disputes over trusts and estates.

We welcome inquiries regarding our services. Call or click to schedule a Complimentary 15-Minute Case Evaluation to learn more about legal representation to interpret or modify a Will or Trust, whether through a non-judicial settlement agreement, mediation, or trial.

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