COVID-19 Resources: Webinars

In an effort to support our clients and the wider community, Catalyst Law is hosting a series of LIVE WEBINARS to address your pressing concerns during (and after) the COVID-19 pandemic.

Basic Estate Planning & OADs

Tuesday, August 18 at 3:00pm PST

*This webinar was rescheduled to a later date TBD.

The COVID-19 pandemic raises unthinkable questions and “what if” scenarios previously ignored or avoided, such as: 

  • What if I am hospitalized and do not have capacity to make medical decisions for myself – do I have an Oregon Advance Directive and is my health care representative still available and willing to make decisions on my behalf?
  • What happens if I die without a will or a revocable trust — do my assets pass to my intended beneficiaries?
  • In the event my spouse and I both die without a will, who will take care of my children until they are adults?  

Join Kate Kilberg and Kimberly Pray, partners at Catalyst Law, for a LIVE WEBINAR to review and take questions on the basics of a good estate plan. By the end of the webinar, you will understand the difference between a revocable trust and a will, considerations to make when selecting a guardian for minor children, and know when it is important to update your estate plan. 

In addition to the basics, we will guide participants through the questions in the Oregon Advance Directive so that, at the end of the virtual clinic, you have the option to execute your own legally-valid document for health care decision-making. 

In addition to an understanding of the basics, if you stay through the end of the webinar you will access a 25% discount for a basic estate planning package.*

Tax Provisions of the CARES Act


Coming in September

Join Kimberly Pray, LL.M. and Kate Kilberg, Partners at Catalyst Law, for a LIVE WEBINAR and Q&A Session covering (1) extended tax deadlines; (2) tax deductions, credits, and stimulus payments for individuals and businesses; (3) net operating loss carrybacks for corporations; (4) changes specific to Oregon and Washington; and (5) tax treatment of the stimulus funding packages signed into law and application under different circumstances. This webinar will begin by covering changes affecting individuals then transition to address provisions relevant for businesses and non-profit organizations later in the presentation, with opportunities for Q&A throughout.


Business Divorce & Fiduciary Duties

Coming Soon

Just as your business plan is the foundation of your company, your legal documents are the foundation of your relationship with your co-owners and co-founders. By establishing clear procedures in your legal documents related to decision-making, dispute resolution, and an unplanned exit of an owner or founder, you can avoid major disruptions in your business (and personal life and finances) — and possibly even avoid disputes entirely — and focus on running (and growing) your business. The best time to establish these procedures is at the beginning of your new business venture or relationship, but the second best time is “now.”

Join Catalyst Law attorneys David Rocker and Nate Funk for a (free) live webinar on “Business Divorce and Fiduciary Duties — Navigating Disputes between Business Owners.”

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